Cookie Usage

The standard cookie policy for this website is to allow all cookies. The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. We are not saving or sharing any personal information about you through cookies - that includes your credit card number or address. We strive to protect your personal data and only use your personal data to process your chosen transaction. If you would like to learn more about how we protect your privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites save to your device when you visit and navigate through their websites. They are widely and commonly used to make websites function properly and to make them function more efficiently, as well as to provide different types of information to the website owners.

Some of the ways we use cookies are to:

  • save your recently viewed hotels so that you can easily find and book the hotels that you were interested in on a previous visit to the website
  • identify any problems you may have encountered during your website visit, so we can solve those problems
  • collect non-personal data and information so that our partners can use that information to show you messages that may be more relevant to your interests
  • remember your IHG® Rewards Club account details, which makes it easier for you to find and book your favorite hotels and makes it quicker for you to make a booking
Read more about the types of cookies used on our website and how you can manage your cookies.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies support the use of the site and enable enhanced and personalised features. Some of these cookies are necessary to enable you to move around the website without encountering problems and to use certain functionality.

Functional cookies will:
  • save which destinations and dates you’ve searched for on the website
  • save your IHG® Rewards Club login information, but only if you choose to remember your information
  • remember selections that you make from page to page, such as room and rate choices
  • store information that supports network communication
Functional cookies will not:
  • save any personal information (unless you agree to have the website save your IHG® Rewards Club login information)
  • gather information that could be used for marketing purposes
Performance CookiesPerformance cookies collect information and support the measurement of this site. This information helps us to improve the site by identifying any problems that you may encounter during your visit and by learning how you entered the site and which pages you visited.

Performance cookies will:
  • save a unique identification code, like a travel agent number, so that information about bookings can be associated with reservations for measuring performance
  • save information to ensure a consistent look and feel on the website
  • save information about how you navigate through our site and where you encounter problems or errors
  • save information about whether you booked a room or not and which search terms you used to find our site
Performance cookies will not:
  • provide any information to advertisers with the purpose of targeting you with advertisements on other websites
Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies are used by our partners to deliver messaging that may be of more value and interest to you. These cookies are also linked to social sharing services provided by Facebook and Twitter.

Targeting cookies will:
  • save non-personal information, including the type of web browser that you used, the date and time of your visit and which pages you viewed
Targeting cookies will not:
  • save any personal information (e.g. email address)
  • cause you to receive any additional advertisements or emails
Manage Cookies

Please understand that even though your browser and other tools provide you with control over your cookies, it is possible for this site to create a cookie during future visits. Based on the actions you take and because we use cookies that are strictly necessary for our website to function properly, it is possible that these types of cookies may reappear on your device on future visits.